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No reforms- Pakistani Christians still being persecuted.


The situation is getting alarming & crucial as Christians in Pakistan seems to be more prone to imperilment this year. 2013 maybe a year of more persecution.

It has not been long when the relentless incidents like “14 year old Rimsha Masih Blasphemy case”, “St. Paul Lutheran church burnt in Mardan by Muslim extremist mob protesting against anti-Islamic film” spread an outcry globally. Still Christians in Pakistan are deprived of their basic social rights that counts freedom, and basic social and legal rights, but they are outnumbered by influential culprits who always get security in sake of observance of their religion.

There are many cases being reported in the running year in which Christians are being targeted and no solid reforming activities by any Govt. official or other authorities are found to be seen.
 “A minor Christian girl named, Fouzia Bibi, aged 15 year, daughter of Malooa Masih, was a resident of Village Roday, District Kasur. The girl’s father was a laborer in the fields a landlord for last five years, his children helped their parents in their work due to poverty so that they could earn more money.

On 25 January 2013 at about 6:30pm, Fouzia bibi went to bring milk from a nerby Haveli(a place for cattle) of the landlord. On her way back to home two muslim culprits armed with pistol, Sher Muhammed and Shabir Ali, who were reporte to be infulencial persons of that area, abducted her and imprisoned her in a room and raped and totured her one by one. And left her unconscious.

When she came to her senses, she went back home and told her mother about what happened with her, when his father got back from work, the mother told him the tragic story. Malooka Masih, father of the victim Fouzia bibi, with some other Christians of that area went to police station, Sarai Mughal to report the case, but the police official did not bother to take attention and listen.

After being disspointed from police, they went to Pattoki and told Rev.Gill DS Pattoki Church of Pakistan, Lahore diocese of Bishop Irfan Jamil.

Rev.Gill taking the notice called to chief of  (LEAD), Legal Evangelical Association Development, an advocacy and aid group. Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill and told the tragedy happened to the poor family and ask for legal assistance with the case.

On January 29 2013, LEAD legal team went to Deputy Superintendent Police Pattoki and submitted the complaint against the rapist and the FIR bearing 22/2013 was registered against the Culprits under section 376 PPC.

 Malooka Masih ( Father of Fouzia Bibi) told that the culprits are threatening and warning him and his other family members for dire alarming consequences if they get involved into criminal cases against them.

 2-09-2013: Three Christian women, Zareena bibi, Hameedan Bibi, and Sharifan Bibi were unsparingly abused and tortured when a mob raided their home in Pattoki, Pakistan on 9th of Feburary. A statement releasing by the Legal Evangelical Association Development ( LEAD), and advocacy group in Pakistan, said, “It was the second such incident in Punjab’s District Kasur within about two weeks. Earlier Fouzia bibi resident of the same District was reported to be raped by two influencial culprit of that area.

Thugh one suspect relating to this incident has been arrested but he has not yet been sent to jail, while other alleged rapist is free and making threats to other Christians of that area. And Pakistani police’s slow investigation and neglecting regarding the case is no surprise for anyone.

02-04-2013: Younas Masih (55) died on 4th of February, four days after being shot by a gunman for five times, while he was returning home from his work.

Younas Masih (victim) worked for  accompany in Chaman, Balochistan province. Before he was attacked he have been pressurized by his co-workers to convert his religion to Islam, but he refused and overlook what they said and stood firm in his faith in Christ. With passing time, the situation got worse and he started getting life threats of dire consequences for not converting to Islam.

His friends described Younas as honest and reliable. Strong in his Christian faith, he was regularly involved in his local perish.

On Thursday 31 January, Younas’ co-workers again asked him to convert to Islam. A heated discussion followed, including insults and threats. When Younas was on his way home, an unknown gunman fired five shots at him. He was rushed to hospital, his condition critical, and doctors operated and removed five bullets. Younas was put into the intensive care unit where, after spending four days unconscious, he died.

Where new year was hoped to bring positives changes & positively modified outlook  towards Christians in Pakistan, no reforms are seen on any ground for securing the rights and freedom, which a minority is supposed to have in a “Free Nation”.