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No room for Christians: CM Punjab and COAS urged to take action against the school denying admission to Christian student


Siddeeq Public School

Followed by a shocking revelation by Rawalpindi’s Ms. Sonia Gill; who said that her nephew was denied admission in Siddeeq Public School on the basis of being a Christians, Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti, has urged the CM, COAS and other authorities to take notice of this hate crime.

President of Pakistan Christian Post, Dr Nazir S. Bhatti has condemned the biased attitude of the school’s administration and has called upon Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Chief of Army Staff-Gen. Raheel Sharif, Education Minister Punjab Rana Mashood and Federal Secretary Education to take action against the allegedly biased school administration.

As reported earlier, Rawalpindi’s Christian woman Ms. Sonia Gill had told that the school representative bluntly told her “we are sorry, but we do not give admissions to Christian children” after she had proudly reveled Christianity as her religion to him.

He went on to assert that this rejection is a hate crime on religious grounds. He said that soon after the APS massacre Pakistan Armed Forces, Government of Pakistan and all Islamic political parties of the country unanimously agreed to do away with the hate crime in National Action Plan NAP agenda of “Zarb-e-Azab” against terrorism in Pakistan.

“To deny admission in any educational institution on religion ground is act of terrorism and it is duty of Punjab government and Armed Forces of Pakistan to take immediate action against Siddeeq Public School and cancel its registration if government of Pakistan is serious to end terrorism in Pakistan.”

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PCC President whined over the fact that in actual fact, there are several Christian schools in the country where children of Muslim, Hindu or any other religion’s adherents are never denied admission on the basis of their religion. However, rejection of a Christian student in a Muslim school is unfair and this policy can disperse further hate in our society.

“Already Christian students are facing hate in thousands of government run schools where they are prohibited to drink water in glass which is used by Muslim students and there are incidents where Christian girls are prohibited to use washrooms even which used by Muslim girls but to get education the Christian students not complain of such hate on religion but to deny admission is worst shape of hate and source of terrorism in Pakistan,” he said.