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Non-Muslim Pakistanis had been instrumental in freedom movement, their issues should be addressed: Christian leaders moan


Pakistani Christians grumble about the fact that despite being instrumental in freedom movement, Pakistan government shows little interest in solving their issues. On the occasion of National Minorities’ Day Pakistani Church leaders expressed serious concerns about deteriorating situation for Non-Muslim Pakistanis.

Pakistani Christians pary for Pakistan on Independence Day

While addressing the attendees at an event organized with regard to the Independence Day, Bishop Joseph Arshad, President of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, said Non-Muslim citizens “have played a vital role in the formation of Pakistan. Not only they gave their lives for freedom but still continue to fight for nation building. This is why their concerns must be addressed by the government.”

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Furthermore, Archbishop Sebastian Shaw said: “Religious intolerance and neglect in society have created a sense of hopelessness among the people. Minorities must be included as an integral part of society.”

He further noted that the Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhamamd Ali Jinnah assured Pakistan’s “Christian leaders that every person in Pakistan would have a free life in accordance with their religion and that the state would have no problem with religions.” As the 69th anniversary of the Independence of the country approaches, he said, “We must think about which direction our country is taking.”