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North Korea: Church thrives despite history of 70 years of intense Christian persecution


Church continues to thrive in the thick of intense persecution in North Korea. The country constantly occupies number one spot in the list of most dangerous countries for Christians to live in. The predominantly atheist country is still under the communist rule. Despite all this, Christianity blooms in the land while Christians face augmenting persecution.

Christians persecuted in North Korea

Notwithstanding a history of 70 years of persecution, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reported recently that there are thousands of Christians in the country. Reporting about the persecution, it was stated that some of the Christian suffer extremely harsh torture in labor camps. “In some cases, Christian prisoners are hung on a cross over a fire, and at times crushed under a steamroller.”

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“Prisoners are forced to carry out long days of hard labor, such as mining and logging. Malnutrition is rife due to the poor rations, and increases the mortality rate. Prisoners live in poor accommodation that does not provide adequate protection against the tough winters, further damaging their health; and are subject to brutal treatment, torture and even execution by prison guards,” the report said.

According to a Christian persecution watchdog Open Doors it’s the fourteenth consecutive year when the country has appeared on top of the list of most hostile countries towards Christians. The report stated, that since 1995, North Korean government has granted permission to about 480 foreign organizations to operate in the country, and 70 of these are Christian.