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North Korea: Imports having labels resembling cross banned by the atheist government


North Korea’s atheist regime has banned all products having markings resembling cross. All products with such labels or markings are being confiscated by the government. North Korean custom officers are ransacking markets; store houses etc. for products having such markings.

Cross symbol products banned in North Korea

According to Radio Free Asia, quoted a Chinese-Korean trader as saying: “We’ve always had to make sure there were no Korean characters on the labels of products that we brought in from China. Now we have to check again to see that there isn’t anything that looks like a cross.” He clarified that products such as women’s clothes hairpins and hair band and men’s neckties having symbols resembling cross are more likely to get confiscated.

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“And if young women carry key chains or wear earrings that have designs resembling a cross, these are also taken away.” He went on to explain that students or people writing mathematical sign plus (+) will have to be careful. “You can’t have the vertical line go longer,” he said.

According to the annual report by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedoms (USCIRF) “the North Korean government reserves its most severe persecution for Christians,although in practice the regime is adverse to all organized religion. Based on information collected by the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights, individuals face persecution for propagating religion, possessing religious items, carrying out religious activities (including praying and singing hymns), and having contact with religious persons.”

The USCIRF report further pointed out: “Christians believed to have committed any of these acts are typically jailed, or worse. In prison, Christians reportedly endure harsher treatment than other prisoners. It is estimated that tens of thousands of Christians in North Korea are currently in prison camps facing hard labor or execution.”