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North Korean children taught Christianity is evil, Cross is symbol of devil


A North Korean defector has revealed that the children living in the North Korea are taught that Christianity is evil and that the cross is a symbol of the devil. These teachings are being inculcated into the minds of children on daily basis, a believer who now lives out. Open Doors reports a defector revealed that the regime teaches children that Christianity is an “evil American religion”.

Christianity in North Korea

The defector also disclosed that children are being taught that foreign missionaries cannot be trusted. “When I grew up in North Korea, I also believed that Christianity was evil and that the cross was a symbol of the devil. Even in nursery school, we had to bow to the pictures of the first leaders of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung and his son, Kim Jong-Il,” he revealed.

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Open Doors also revealed that the defector disclosed: “Today, North Korean children learn about and bow to current ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-Un, too.” He also disclosed that one of the false teachings imparted to the children include stories that Kim Il-Sung was “able to catch a double rainbow with one hand because of his ‘majestic powers.'”

“Everything in North Korea revolves around the Kim family. North Korean children are brainwashed so that they will honor the leader of their day. In preschool, the teachers prayed to the leaders at lunchtime. We had to give thanks to the dictators for our ‘daily bread,’ Now, I realize they stole this from the Lord’s Prayer,” he told Open Doors.

What’s more the North Korean regime is teaching children to hate the “American imperialists” and “South Korean puppets”. He said that for this purpose films, painting, cartoons etc are being used to circulate the propaganda message. Fabricated stories of Christian pastors and missionaries sexually assaulting women and attacking people are being circulated in order to keep people away from Christian evangelists.

In the midst of widespread propaganda, advanced technology is enabling North Korean children to learn about true Christianity. “Today’s North Korean children are able to discover other beliefs and ways of life through escapees’ disseminated information, smuggled USB drives and foreign radio broadcasts in the Korean language. More parents are coming to faith and, when the children are old enough, they will hear about the Bible and the Gospel,” the defector said.

“I’m praying that God would open the eyes, ears and hearts of North Koreans of all ages. I truly believe that if believers throughout the world continue to pray with North Korean believers, one day all North Korean children will learn the truth about God and Christianity. One day, they will turn to the cross”, he prayed.