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North Korean Dictator Kim as an Imitation of Trinity


There has been so much ostentatious display of military power between two rival countries, United States and North Korea. But there is doubt that America will dominate with its nuclear power and destroy the Kim’s kingdom. According to some religious believers to dominate over North Korea the proper way is to overcome false religion with the help of Gospel.

North Korean Dictator Kim as an Imitation of Trinity

The dictator Kim is worshipped by the people of North Korea and his whole regime is a part of his fake religion known as Juche. The holocene Capitol Hill assembly confirmed that this fake religion is enforced on public by Kim’s grandfather Kim il Sung.

The Defense Forum Foundation, Suzanne Scholte believes the presence of evil in North Korea is due to the observance of this religion which is an imitation of Christianity.

“He set himself up as God. His son, Kim Jong Il, is the Jesus figure. And Juche, their philosophy, as the Holy Spirit,” Scholte explained. A highest authority of North Korea is Hwang Jang-Yop who is the creator of Juche.

The common people are brainwashed to accept that Kim is their God. They pray to him after every meal saying ‘Thank you, Father Kim il-Sung’ after a meal. They have what we would know as the Apostles’ Creed that’s changed to worship the Kim dictatorship”, added Scholte. Moreover they consider America as a grievous country.

Regent University graduate Tom Belke who is the writer of a book named “ Juche: A Christian Study of North Korea’s State Religion” said that North Korean are afraid of gospel more than America’s super power because gospel is the only thing which can sabotage the Kim’s hermit.

He believes in the power of Gods words than the power of weapons.

Scholte said that people of North Korea will easily embrace Christianity if they are permitted to attend crusades to listen gospel because gospel preaches that every man is born free while Kim’s fake religion teaches them to be servants of Kim’s family till death.

Scholte shares a testimony that she supports a ‘Free North Korea Radio’ which broad casts gospel only for an hour in North Korea. When all the kids were dying of typhoid epidemic, a woman heard the gospel broad casting and wrote the bible verses. She prayed over her sick daughter to testify the power of God. Then her daughter was the only child who could survive from that disease.

Scholte believes that worldwide call for prayer and fasting on April 28th (North Korea Freedom Day) can break the spell of Kim’s religion. She wants to make a link between the famine and fast which outburst in 1990 but American gave them enough food that no one need to be hungry but the government used this food as a weapon against the public of North Korea.

Moreover, she told that people in Kim’s regime are compelled to follow Juche. Otherwise the non believers will be sentenced to prison or death with their whole families. Scholte added that gospel’s power can overcome this demonic ideology since “it is an evil place”.