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Norway deports about 50 Pakistani asylum seekers


migrants in Norway

About 50 Pakistani asylum seekers deported from Norway. In days to come, more deportations are expected either back to Pakistan or to Russia.

In line with details, the Norwegian government has employed stricter rules for asylum seekers in Norway. This was verified by Norwegian Ambassador Tore Nedrebø, in a statement. This year, more than 400 Pakistanis have managed to sneak into Norway and are seeking for asylum. It has been reported that majority of these Pakistanis have slipped into Norway from the Norwegian-Russian border.

Seeing a sharp increase in the number of asylum seekers in Norway, it has been speculated that during this current year, migrants between 30,000 and 40,000 will come to Norway. There has been a surge of migrants at the Norwegian-Russian border.

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However, the Norwegian government remains doubtful whether these migrants are actually coming from war-torn countries or are economic migrants. Earlier the migrants influx was from Syria, however, in recent times, migrants from countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan are pouring in.

The Norwegian ambassador says, “Few are entitled to protection and they are putting an unnecessary burden on the Norwegian system.” Majority of these migrants are young men.

Under fresh amendment in the asylum granting policy, the asylum seekers will be speedily deported without providing protection to them, and will be sent back to their country of residence. Moreover, the asylum seekers may be arrested and kept in remand. Asylum seeking applications of such migrants will not be processed, or these migrants will be asked to report to the authorities or reside in a specific place.

Furthermore, benefits for asylum seekers have been cut down, while rules for family immigration have been tightened. If the applicant seeking asylum, has dwelt in a third country; his application will not be processed. “Norway considers Russia to be a safe country,” Norwegian Ambassador Tore Nedrebø.