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Not all Christians are “at risk” in Pakistan says, British Parliament


Christians in Pakistan

Not all Christians are at risk in Pakistan, according to the opinion of the British government.

According to details, Lord David Alton had submitted to the UK Parliament a composition of nine questions relating to Christians in Pakistan and their plight and persecution on religious grounds.

Lord David Alton who is a British politician is of the opinion that no considerable amount of endeavours are being taken on for Christians who are living in Muslim countries. Lord Alton in recent times had a trip to Thailand, where he himself examined the plight of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers battered and entangled between Thai authorities and their own government’s ignorance. He also looked into the matter of neglegence of the UN concering the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand.

While answering on the questions put forward by Lord Alton, Lord Bates answered saying: “The UK recognises there may be individual cases of religious persecution. However, not all Christians are at risk. It is important to carefully consider each case on its merits.”

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Lord Alton who visited the Pakistani Christians in the detention centres of Thailand, conveyed his message to the British Prime Minister David Cameron that he is looking forward for a meeting with the UK government to have detailed answers and discussion about the plight of Christians in Pakistan.

Nonetheless, because of rising persecution and discrimination on religious bases, the Pakistani Christians are highly favouring fleeing from Pakistan, in this respect as the estimates reveal thousands of Christians had already left Pakistan and are seeking refuge in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and other such countries where visit visa are of relatively low costs.

In this regard, Wilson Chaudhary chief of the British Pakistani Christian Association had a talk with the Prime Minister of UK. He insisted upon the British Premier that UK’s approach so far towards the Christians in Pakistan was not impressive. He said, “These answers reveal that the UK government says it does not itself know the number of Pakistani Christians who have fled to Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka through fear of persecution, but, according to the FCO, they continually press the Pakistani government to meet international law obligations, including those relating to religious minorities in Pakistan.”