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Not enough Bibles to meet needs of growing Church in North Korea


Reports emerge that the underground churches in North Korea are thriving at a pace that there are not enough bibles to meet the spiritual needs of the church. In this regard, World Help- a U.S. based Christian aid organization claims that there are not enough bibles in North Korea despite the fact that large numbers of bibles are being smuggled into the country.

Underground churches in North Korea

World Help has actively launched an initiative to secretly provide 100,000 copies of Bibles to the underground Church in North Korea, as the demand for bibles is increasing. For 16 years consecutively, North Korea has been declared worst persecutor of Christians in the world. The aid organization is planning to supply as many bibles as possible to secret believers by the end of 2017.

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World Help has taken up the gigantic task of providing bibles to the growing number of believers in the country. World Help President Vernon Brewer traveled to border touching North Korea, and held a meeting with his partners who are working on the field.

After his visit, he told the media: “There are never enough Bibles no matter how many we can print and smuggle into the country. There are never enough bibles to keep up with demand. Right now there are North Korean believers who have never even held a Bible, let alone other Christian resources. They may have a few verses memorized or a few chapters from the New Testament scribbled on a piece of paper, but they are hungry for more.”

For this purpose, World Help is also asking for funds from believers cross the globe in order to help share bibles with North Koreans who are in desperate need of the bibles. “The North Korean underground church is desperate for God’s Word,” Brewer stated.

“The only thing they asked me for is more copies of God’s Word. They knew getting caught with a copy means these believers will likely go to jail. They know the risk is worth it. They are anxious to read God’s promises contained in the pages of Scriptures.”