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Numerous Rights Defenders Face Life Threats In Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Intense concerns and anxiety for human rights activists in Pakistan as a considerable number of rights activists are on the hit list of militants.

Human Rights Defenders in danger in Pakistan
Human Rights Defenders in danger in Pakistan

In consistency with details, the Centre for Human Rights Education has expressed profound apprehension about the frequent threatening of the human rights defenders in Pakistan.

“In point of fact, Pakistan has established to into a hostile place for human rights defenders; where they literally face life threatening situations that include threats, monitoring of their location, illegal tapping of their phone calls, registering of fictitious cases against them, mysterious disappearances, insult, stigmatization and ultimately killings,” as stated  by Centre for Human Rights Education- Director Samson Salamat.


Mr. Samson Salamat further notes down,” The situation is even worse after the threat to the life of Pakistan’s leading Human Rights Defender, Asma Jahangir.”


Additionally, the declaration made by Maulvi Abdul Haleem in which he warned that,” women working for NGOs will not be allowed to enter Kohistan and that violators will be forcibly married-off to local men,” adds to the dilemma of the human rights defenders in Pakistan in particular the women workers.


Mr. Samsom further illustrates the plights of rights activists in Pakistan saying, “The danger comes mainly from Pakistan’s state security apparatus: the very state organizations that are responsible for the safety and security of its citizens are involved in the persecution of those defending their rights, thereby nullifying the fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and association while muting any voices of dissent.”


The Centre for Human Rights Education urged  Pakistan government to accept its responsibility to provide protection and security of human rights defenders working in Pakistan further beseeching the government that “Pakistan respects the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders adopted by the UN in 1998; ensures that the state’s security offices operate within their own jurisdictions and avoid involvement in any unlawful act(s); ensures that individuals circulating hateful and malicious materials be apprehended; ensures an environment conducive for human rights defenders to work without fear and that the killers of human rights defenders are punished according to the law.”