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Obtrusive Pakistani Christian leader urge the UN and Pope Francis to raise their voices against human rights abuses in Kashmir


Prominent Pakistani Christian leader and former federal minister Julius Salik, has urged the international leaders to raise their voices against the human rights abuses being carried out in the Indian held Kashmir. He urged the international community to take action against the atrocities committed against the minorities in Kashmir.

Pope Francis urged to raise voice against the Indian atrocities in Kashmir

In a press release issued on Monday, August 22, Julius Salik stated that the United Nations Organization, Bishop of Canterbury, top cleric of Khana Kaba and Pope Francis should play their role in thwarting the Indian outrages in Jammu Kahsmir. “India must stop persecuting minorities in Kashmir,” he stated. He stated that as the Indian forces continue to target the Kashmiris- flagrant human rights abuses are being witnessed he stated.

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He stated that remaining silent over the human rights abuses in the Indian held Kashmir. “Killings of innocent and blameless Kashmiris are unacceptable.” He stated that although the United Nations has taken note of the mayhems taking place in the Jammu Kashmir, nonetheless, no serious action has been taken in order to curb the blatant human rights abuses in IHK.

“Imam Khana Kaba, Bishop of Canterbury and Pope Francis must use their influence in order to procure protection for the innocent citizens of the Indian held Kashmir,” he emphasized.