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Okara: Christians’ houses usurped by land mafia enjoying patronage of local police


Land Mafia seizes Christians’ settlement under complete patronage of local police. The incident took place in Chak 9, Akhtarabad, Tehsil Renala Khurd District Okara. Local Christians rent and rave over collaborative feat of the land mafia and the police, as they call upon the premier to take note of the incident.

Christians houses seized by land mafia

In line with details, on September 8, Thursday Aftab Khan along with 30-35 men arrived at the scene and launched an attack under the auspices of the local police. Local Christians alleged Aftab Khan was backed by SHO of Police Station Saddar Renala Khurd, as the assaulters desecrated the church and the holy bibles.

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Locals claim that the attackers stormed into the church and thrust bibles and other holy books on the ground. Furthermore, they stripped off the cross installed on top of the church and tossed it on the ground.

All the while, local Pastor in charge Gulzar and Christian women beseeched the attackers to relent however, police and land mafia gang did not listen to their pleas. At the same time, they broke into the houses of the Christians and hurled their belongings on the streets. The gang also looted the valuables of the Christians.

Enraged Christians are urging for abrupt action against the perpetrators. Chief Minister of Punjab and Prime Minister have been invoked by the local Christians as they call for justice and security.