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One Christian killed every hour around the world: Archbishop of Washington


Archbishop of Washington says almost one Christian is killed for his faith across the world. Archbishop of the U.S. capital said that every hour around the world, nearly Christian is martyred for practicing is faith.

Archbishop of Washington

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl, was addressing the attendees at one-day symposium at the National Press Club. This symposium was focused on Christian persecution across the globe. During the event, a special report by the University of Notre Dame was released. This report titled, “In Response to Persecution,” was released under the project Under the Caesar’s Sword.

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Archbishop of Washington pointed out: “Reports suggest that about 200 million Christians around the world are at risk of physical violence, arrest, torture, even death simply because they live and practice a faith that is not acceptable to the rulers in that part of the world.” Cardinal Donald Wuerl further stated that: “The journalist John Allen recently estimated that, this is a quote, the number of Christians killed for religious reasons is ‘roughly one every hour, 365 days a year.”

The report stated that: “Christian responses to persecution are almost always nonviolent and, with very few exceptions, do not involve acts of terrorism.”

Cardinal Wuerl noted that the persecuted Christians of the Middle East – the birthplace of the Christian faith; are among the most suffering. “The place where persecution of Christians is being most severely experienced is the very place where Christianity all began,” he said. “In that region of the world is the birthplace of the Christian faith.”

He went on to explain that, in plain words: “Life has not gotten any better” for Christians in the Middle East, since the previous U.S. administration acknowledged that terror group ISIS had been carrying out genocide. “The civil war in Syria, which has included war crimes such as the use of chemical weapons, among other horrors, has added to suffering imposed on these innocent people including Christians, which did not bring this conflict into being,” he said.