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one Pakistani Christian killed dozens injured


Christians of different churches gathered and offered special prayers for Saqib Masih who died and for the 20 others whoinjured in a mob attack in Khanewal district.

Saqib Masih was 25years old. He died when a mob of 50 armed Muslims raided the house of a Christian family over a land dispute. They arrived on motorcycles and tractors. They tortured women and stole livestock. They shot dead Saqib Masih. 16 Muslim men had been detained following a complaint to the police.

The incident took place because of an ongoing dispute between Christians and Muslim over a plot of land that the Church of Pakistan says is now owned by the government.

On October 9 Pastor Rashid Anjum at a Methodist church said that “We pray for the speedy recovery of those in hospital and for comfort for the family of the deceased. May peace returns in our lives,”

Father Emanuel Sharif, a resident of neighboring Amrit Nagar village, condemned last week’s attack and refuted local media reports that claimed a “local church” bought the land to build an orphanage.

“The previous Muslim farmer illegally allotted it in his own name before the posting of a new tenant farmer, a Christian. This resulted in an attack on innocent people,” he said.

“No property is more precious than human lives.”