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One Quarter of the World’s Countries have Blasphemy Laws


Blasphemy Laws

According to Pew research report, one quarter of the world countries have blasphemy and apostasy laws.
A new study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life discovers that in 2011 approximately half of the countries and territories in the world (47%) have laws/policies that punish blasphemy, apostasy (deserting one’s faith) or insult (mocking or criticism of specific religions or religion in general). Of the 198 countries considered, 32 (16%) have anti-blasphemy laws, 20 (10%) have laws punishing apostasy and 87 (44%) have laws against the insulting of religion, as well as hate speech against followers of religious groups.

Laws concerning the defamation of a religion are even more common than apostasy and blasphemy laws. According to Pew, 87 countries in 2011 had laws “forbidding defamation of religion or hate speech against members of religious groups.” These types of laws were most common in Europe and generally viewed as forbidding “hate speech.”

Numerous people all over the world are being targeted to these laws and policies. Presently the case of Meriam Ibrahim is on front line who is living under a death sentence. Chained up in a Sudanese prison, with her infant son and newborn daughter, Ibrahim will likely be executed. Her crime: being Christian. A Sudanese high court brought the sentence when Ibrahim rejected to denounce her Christian faith.