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Operation Exodus Working to Bring Jews back to Israel


Jews retuning to Israel

Operation Exodus is an operation that helps Jews return to Israel. It partners with the Jewish Agency of Israel and other groups to help U.S. Jews immigrants back to Israel.

The organization also provides humanitarian aid to Holocaust survivors and others in the former Soviet Union.

Seeing the return of Jews to the land of Israel is like watching the Bible prophesies unfolding before our very own eyes.

Deborah Minotti, head of the Operation told CBN News, “It says several times in Isaiah. I will lift up a banner to nations’ — to the gentiles. They shall bring your sons and your daughters back.”

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Minotti says there’s been a 79 percent increase in inquiries regarding assistance for immigration to Israel since 2014.

“If I can just give glory to God because this is His work,” Minotti said. “In 1948, Israel had 800,000 Jewish people in the land, and they became a nation in one day like Isaiah said. Now there’s over 6 million, so that is incredible over 67 years. And so they’re going back by the plane loads yearly.”

“Last year, there were 27,000 [who] made aliyah [immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return],” she continued. “And [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin [Netanyahu] said ..this year he said to the Jews of the world, ‘Israel is waiting for you with open arms.’”

“So there are miracles happening right in front of our eyes — that

He says, ‘I will bring them back from around the world — the north, the south, the east and west for His name’s sake,” she said.
Minotti also told CBN that Jews are returning to Israel for various reasons.

“Many of them are saying, ‘HaShem [Elohim] is calling us back to the land.’ Others are saying, ‘I want my children to be raised in a
Jewish homeland.’ Others are saying, ‘I want to defend Israel. I want to be there, I’m a Zionist,” she explained.

Minotti added that some are saying “this is 1939 and we see the handwriting on the wall.”

“Anti-Semitism in New York is also up 27 to 28 percent so you look at the Bible, you look at the newspaper, and then we need to take action,” she said. “And there’s nothing more spoken in the Bible right now than His nation, strengthening it and returning the Jewish people to the land. He says, ‘I will do this. I will do it to vindicate his name.'”