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Oregon college shooting: The gunman killed himself after shooting others


Oregon shooting

The shooter who was on rampage at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon actually killed himself.

According to details, Christopher Harper Mercer who gunned down his English professor and eight others and injured several others at the Oregon community college in point of fact had committed suicide. Chris Harper shot himself after a shootout with the policemen who arrived at the scene within five minutes of the reporting of the incident. It was revealed that after two minutes of arrival at the scene, the police officials engaged him in a cross fire.

However, previously it was reported by the investigators that the 26-year-old, assailant Chris Harper Mercer was shot down by the police. Nonetheless, later on Saturday October 3, the Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin told the media that the state medical examiner determined after examination that Christopher Harper-Mercer, killed himself.

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The incident took place on Thursday October 1, early in the morning. This is termed as one of the deadliest school shootings in the United States in the past two years. While briefing the media about the incident and the shooter, Sheriff Hanlin said, “Officers responded immediately … there was an exchange of gunfire, and the shooter was neutralized. As far as the very specific information regarding whether it was an officer’s bullet or his own bullet, we aren’t prepared at this time to discuss.”

Shooter, Christopher Harper-Mercer was formally declared as the gunman of the Oregon shooting on Friday October 2. The eye-witness students and staff told that the gunman stormed into the classroom of his first writing class on Thursday October and shot his professor at dead on. Christ Harper Mercer who was also enrolled at the same college, singled out Christians and shot them one at a time. He shot Christians in the head and others he shot in stomach and legs. He picked out his victims one at a time.

Sheriff also revealed that another handgun was also recovered from Christ Harper Mercer’s apartment, and the total weapons seized from his possessions are 14; 8 from his home, and 6 he took for the attack in his own college. The Pentagon, officially announced that the gunman served in the U.S. Army from November to December of 2008 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, but was “discharged for failing to meet the minimum administrative standards.”