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Organization Claimed Minority in Pakistan Need Better Representation in the Parliament


A consultative group workshop organized by Pattan Development Organization claimed concrete steps to enhance social harmony between the Muslims and the minorities living in Pakistan. According to them minority in Pakistan need better representation in the parliament and also in the political parties.

Organization Claimed Minority in Pakistan Need Better Representation in the Parliament

The event held in Islamabad and lead by individuals from Parliament along with counselors, common society agents, ladies councilors, media staff and government authorities demanded that the political parties grant ticket to the individual from the minority set in the voting demographic

They also demanding to readdress the root causes of the discrimination faced by the minorities of the country, the participants at the workshop demanded that social harmony must be promotes in the country so that Muslims and the minorities could have better understanding of the viewpoints of their respective communities.

“The charter of demand presented on the event also said that the census held recently should be evaluated in detail from this perspective in order to sensitize the government officials and the general masses towards the rights of minorities as this would clear a major obstacle in the mainstreaming of the minorities”.

The members requested that NADRA should begin an enthusiastic crusade to enroll the minorities with the goal that it might be guaranteed that the minority groups could decently accomplish their portion in the employments and at instructive establishments.

In this contemporary time frame Pakistan works in a way that only the cronies of the leaderships of the political parties get an opportunity to wind up individuals from the parliament while the common Christians, Hindus and Sikhs have no real way to send their representatives to the parliament since the reps only become members on the reserved seats after the 2002 law made by the former president Pervez Musharraf.