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Our Fight For Our Rights Will Continue Till Success, says Prof. Salamat Akhtar



RAWALPINDI:  All Pakistan Christian League determined to fight for rights of minorities till success.



APCL anniversary
APCL anniversary

In a press release issued by the Chairman of All Pakistan Christian League, Professor Salamat Akhter on 21st of July, 2013, he expressed an ardent aim to continue fighting for the their rights till their success.



This press release reads as follows:


“We are makers of Pakistan along with the crushed and crippled Muslims under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and we have played a vital role for peace, prosperity, stability and solidarity of Pakistan. Unfortunately, the constitution of Pakistan does not guarantee us equal rights and no ruler and ruling party has done anything good for the welfare and betterment of minorities’ communities. Today we are constitutionally discriminated judicially smashed, administratively crippled, politically isolated, religiously mal-treated, educationally crushed, economically impoverished, culturally ignored, intellectually demoralized, agriculturally destroyed, militarily chained and socially downtrodden. All the political parties in Pakistan follow a policy of kicks and kisses towards us. Practically we have become slaves of the slaves. It was stated by Prof. Salamat Akhter Chairman of APCL while addressing a meeting organized in connection with the celebration of anniversary of this effective and progressing political party on Sunday July 21st 2013. He added that our fight for our rights will continue till success.



This meeting was chaired by Prof. Salamat Akhter. The oher major speakers of this function were Rev. Hanook David, Pandat Channa Lal, Prof. Joseph Bruce Gill, Om Parkash Naraayan, Chairman Salamat Masih, Ch. Gulzar Masih, Samuel Yaqoob, James Allah Ditta, Moon Sajjad and others.




This anniversary was graced with the cutting of a cake.”




APCL is determined to protect the rights of Christian Community while struggling for their proper representation in federal and provincial services and internal and external threats being faced by the country. Determined to deal with unity and  joint efforts till elimination of the scourge of terrorism.