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Our leaders need to be prudent says Julius Salik


Prominent Pakistani Christian leader Julius Salik had urged all leaders to be prudent and discern the time. In a press release issued by Christian leader, he stated that no one can claim to be true leader of nation and still possess riches beyond measure. He maintained that no one can claim to be a true Christian or Muslim and possess wealth, and not help the poor.

Pakistani Christian politicians

Julius Salik, Convener of World Minorities Alliance and Organizer of Awami Masiha Party stated that leaders of the nation need to correct their ways. In this connection, a press release was issued today January 24, Tuesday. J. Salik stated that there none of the Khalifaas, were wealthy men; they did not horded riches but served their nation.

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He questioned that credibility of the leaders in this pretext; saying how come a man be rich and call himself leader of the nation and still claims to be a true Christian or Muslim. He asserted that leaders are like fathers to the nation, therefore how it is possible that; children starve and father eats with fullest pleasure.

Julius Salik went on to refer to prophets of the Old Testament in the Bible. He stated that all of them led simple lives and did not horde riches and wealth for themselves. He emphasized on the illustrious example of Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and stated that even the Quaid had dedicated his wealth to the country.

Those who earn money from fair or unfair means and still horde money in their bank accounts cannot call themselves fathers of the nation. He maintained that if anyone wants to prove himself as true leader of the nation, he must first commit his wealth to the country; otherwise he is not worthy to be called leader of the nation not even his political party. “Those who call themselves leaders must decide whether they want to be fathers to the nation or not,” the press release read.