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Out of the frying pan and into the fire: Hundreds of Pakistani Christians fleeing from persecution in Pakistan arrested in Thailand


Pakistani Christian Asylum seekeres in Thailand

Thai authorities hook hundreds of Pakistani Christian men, women and children seeking asylum in the country.

According to media reports, hundreds of Pakistani Christians were arrested on Septmebr 10, in Thailand shortly after the Pakistani Ambassador to Thailand met with the Thai Premier. In line with, Pakistan Christian Post, Pakistani Government took notice of rising number of Pakistani Christians fleeing Pakistan and pouring into Thailand seeking asylum. Purportedly, Pakistan government intends to bring the Pakistani Christians back through diplomatic channel.

It was on September 7, that Dr. Sohail Khan Pakistan’s Ambassador to Thailand met the Thai PM and raised the issue of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers. It was shortly after this meeting that hundreds of Pakistani Christians were detained by the police. It is noteworthy that these Pakistani Christians had already filed petitions for asylum before the UNHCR.

This phenomenon became obviously superficial in 2009, and since then massive exodus of Christians from Pakistan has been witnessed. The foremost motive behind leaving their homeland is either persecution or fear of persecution on religious grounds. Religious discrimination adds to their plight.

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“To get released on bail is right of every individual who is detained by police of any government on globe but denying bail to Pakistan Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok is violation of charter of human rights of UNO. I will bring it in notice of Administration of Royal Thai Kingdom because Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are registered with UNHCR and deserve right of bail under immigration charges” Pakistan Christian Congress Chief Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti says.

These arrests are illegal owing to the fact that these Pakistani Christians filed applications for asylum status which makes the UNHCR responsible for their protection and daily sustenance until their cases are settled. Moreover, as per the international rules, Thai authorities can not deport them until UNHCR decides upon their asylum petitions.