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Padri Prem Baghat: Great Minister Of The Lord


Padri Prem Bhaghat was a preacher, minister, spiritual guide and Christian song-writer who will be remembered for both his pastoral services and his songs. He was born in a Christian family of a small village, Glotiyan khurd in the Sialkot District.

British Indian Church
British Indian Church

His date of birth is recorded as 1st January 1910. His father was a minister with the Church of Scotland Mission. Bhagat received his elementary education in his village and then moved to Christian Teaching Institute (CTI) to complete his middle grades. It was during this time that he suffered first major loss of his life, as his father died and the young Bhaghat was left alone to fend for himself and his family.

Being deeply influenced by his father and having a natural aptitude for theological studies he gravitated towards his future calling. He often visited his maternal uncle Jallal, an employee of the railway department, who lived in Thata Faqir walla There he met a local missionary Padri A. M. David who trained him and appointed him as a evangelist in the area called Kot Inayat Khan in 1934. Then between 1934 and 1936 he received further theological training at Daska Divitnity School before returning as a preacher in 1937. In 1965 while serving in Sohdra. Bhaghat was appointed as a Priest (Padri) and for rest of his life he carried this title with distinction.