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Pak Christian refugees dissatisfied with UNHCR in Thailand


At present more than 11,500 Christian refugees from Pakistan are in waiting list of the UNHCR for approval of their asylum in the host countries. According to them UNHCR officials are not dealing their cases with fair means and instead of that they are compelled by them to return to Pakistan. It is also learnt that most of the staff of UNHCR in Thailand consist of Pakistani Muslims who misinterpret their cases. Moreover the sensitive Pakistani agencies like IB are also backing UNHCR in Thailand to send these persecuted Pakistani Christians back to Pakistan.

Pak Christian refugees dissatisfied with the role of UNHCR in Thailand

According to these asylum seekers they somehow fled from Pakistan in order to save their lives and going back to Pakistan means that they will be killed mercilessly by the fundamentalist Islamic groups which are highly active in Pakistan.

The life of these persecuted Pakistani Christian residing in Thailand is miserable and are facing hunger and health problems. So far many of them have died because of lack of medical facilities, Many of them are behind the bars and IDCs because their visas have expired. The government of Thailand and the UNHCR are not helping them in extending their visas but put them in prison. The lives of the captives in IDCs are also in great danger. They are always under constant threat.

The asylum seekers are not allowed to work in Thailand therefore they have to rely on NGOs and welfare organizations to have food and other necessities of life. Recently an NGO namely ICCF has distributed packages of food among 10 families of asylum seekers. The ceremony was organized in a local Church where ICCF also organized a prayer services for all the asylum seekers in Thailand and other countries of the world.