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Pakistan A Source, Transit And Destination Country For Individuals Subjected To Sex-Trafficking And Bonded Labour, A Recent Report Says


Human trafficking increased in Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan listed among the countries where human trafficking goes unchecked.

The Watch List of the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons report have listed Pakistan on second number in the on the Tier 2 for a second consecutive year. This position has been granted to Pakistan because of unsuccessful law enforcement, and involvement of government officials in migrant smuggling and human trafficking.

Countries such as Djibouti, Cuba, Burma, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia also accompany Pakistan in Tier 2. The countries whose governments do not completely abide by with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s (TVPA) minimum standards are placed on Tier 2. In such countries the number of human trafficking victims is increasingly recorded while the governments are failing to curb the phenomenon.

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Bonded labour has been Pakistan’s largest human trafficking channel according to the report. The phenomenon occurring most in Sindh and Punjab, and take place mostly in agriculture and brick-making sectors, also in fisheries, mining, and carpet-making industries but to a much lesser extent.

According to the report, the brick kiln owners and feudal landlords every so often affiliated with political parties or holding government positions, use their influence to cover their involvement in bonded labour and human trafficking. Pakistan is a source, transit, and destination country for individuals subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour.

It was further highlighted in the report that Pakistan is the landing-place for men, women, and children mostly from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka who are put through bonded labour. Moreover, women and girls from Afghanistan, China, Russia, Nepal, Iran, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan are reportedly subjected to sex trafficking in Pakistan.