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Pakistan Bishops Council wins court case over closure of wine shops in Sindh


In a social media statement members of Pakistan Bishops Council declared that the court case over closure of liquor shops has been won. This case was filed jointly by Pakistan Bishops Council, local Hindu leaders and other minorities. During the case hearing, Chief Justice of Sindh directed closure of wine shops throughout the Sindh province.

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Pakistan Bishops Council stated that Chief Justice of Sindh Justice Syed Sajjad Ali Shah was briefed about Biblical teachings about alcohol consumption. In the same manner, he heard about religious teachings of other faiths regarding alcoholism and directed that all wine shops be closed throughout the province.

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After the case hearing, members of Pakistan Bishops Council and other minorities’ representatives including Bishop Khadim Bhutto, Sardar Hira Singh Khalsa, Saleem Michael, Nadeem Sheikh, Atam Parkash Chainani briefed the media about the court proceedings.

The case was heard by the Sindh High Court, on October 27 – when one of the few legal alcohol sources in the country were cut off. It was being claimed that licensed liquor shops are selling liquor to Muslims who are strictly prohibited to drink wine.

Ghulam Mustafa Mahesar, Additional Advocate General Sindh province stated: “The chief justice Sindh high Court has ordered closure of all liquor shops in entire Sindh because they are running their business in violation of article 17, 19 of Hudood Ordinance 1979.”