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Pakistan Christian Congress Calls for Dual Voting Rights for the Religious Minorities


Mr. Mushtaq Gill – President of Pakistan Christian Congress, Lahore hints at his discontent over the electoral system of Pakistan.

Pakistan Christian Congress Lahore

Whilst talking to the journalists in a recent  press conference, he said, that the existent political system and government is not democratic. Theocracy is prevalent in Pakistan not Democracy, he criticized. He further whined that, the dialogue on the issue of the methodology of representation of minorities in the parliament has at all times been fluttering between a joint and separate electoral system for decades.

Pakistan Christian Congress has set forth a requisition for dual voting rights for the religious minorities, in its recent memorandum to the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP. Dual voting rights ensure that the religious minorities can elect their representatives in the parliament. This dual voting is an electoral system, which is parallel to the separate electoral system- even as voting for a general candidate at the same time.

Commenting on the joint electorate system, he said that it authorizes the Muslim political parties to allocate minority reserved seats in the parliament. He further added that the Muslim political parties often select their favored minority’s  leaders; in a ratio to their seats in the assemblies many a time by accepting bribes.
By Madeeha Shakeel Senior Journalist- Christians in Pakistan Newswire