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Pakistan Christian Congress Condemns Attack on Ziarat Residency


KARACHI: The Pakistan Christian Congress Chief, sharply condemns attack on the Ziarat residency.



Dr. Nazir S Bhatti
Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

  Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti, the Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Premier strongly condemned the attack on the Quaid-e-Azam Residency. The residency was hit by rockets on Saturday the 15th of June, 2013 as targeted by a local insurgent group of militants.


In the small hours of Saturday, 15th of June, 2013 about four militants raided from the close by mountains under wraps of darkness and  inched in the historical building, smashing three rocket propelled hand grenades at it. As a consequence, the wooden structure immediately caught fire and was utterly destroyed along with all the historical and treasured belongings of the Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This attack has invoked nationwide demonstration and protests; enraging Pakistanis.




At this occasion he also expressed deep grief over loss of innocent lives in another incident of bombings on a student’s bus and Bollan medical complex in Quetta. Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC severely criticized the forces behind these incidents condemning them.



Dr. Bhatti said “killing of innocent women and medical staff is not human nor any religion allows it but it seems that terrorists have no respect for humanity”



“The destruction of Residency of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in hill town Ziarat of Balochistan indicates that terrorists are targeting ideology of Pakistan to impose their religious Islamic extremism in Pakistan,” said Nazir Bhatti.