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Pakistan Christian Congress Unhappy Over Elections 2013


KARACHI: The President of Pakistan Christian Congress declares the appointment of returning officers for reserved seats for minorities as unconstitutional.


While commenting on the appointments of the returning officers by the Election Commission of Pakistan, Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti said, “There is no, “one man one vote” practice on 10 reserved seats for minorities and 60 reserved seats of women which is true spirit of democracy then what’s the need to appoint Returning officers to conduct elections like 272 general seats which will be filled by one man one vote.”

“The National Assembly of Pakistan and Provincial Assemblies elections can not be claimed fair and transparent when one part of these houses is elected by votes and one part is selected some Muslim parties’ leaders,” he added.

“Is it not strange that 272 seats in house of National Assembly are elected through direct votes but 70 seats of same house are filled with unconstitutional Selection system which empowers (under proportional system) the Muslim parties in same house to handpick their relatives or after taking heavy bribes to fill reserved seats but it never invited attention of SCP or ECP?” said Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti.