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Pakistan declined Independent Medical Treatment For Mentally Ill British Prisoner.


According to a UK-based charity said today, Legal charity Reprieve: Pakistan has decline to give access to an independent medical specialist to go through “psychiatric evaluation” of a 65-year-old British national from Pakistani-origin, who was vindicated to die under the controversial blasphemy law.

Protest against Blasphemy

Legal charity Reprieve, which is sustaining Mohammad Asghar, said it had demanded that an independent medical specialist be allowed permission in order to full fill a complete evaluation of his medical state.


Asghar was arrested in 2010 in Rawalpindi, for writing letters and claiming to be a prophet. In January, a court in Rawalpindi sentenced him to death under the blasphemy law and forced a fine of Rs 1 million on him.

His defense lawyer argued that since he was suffering from mental illness, his case should be treated on humanitarian bases.

The court set up a medical board to confirm the lawyer’s argument. However, the board’s report said Asghar was psychologically steady and did not suffer from any illness.


The British government has raised Asghar’s case with Pakistan on various occasions. British Prime Minister David Cameron has said “the Pakistani authorities can be in no doubt of the seriousness with which we take these developments.”