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Pakistan Funds Raised for Terror Activities despite Warning


In Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan police is inquiring the pamphlets adhered by Jamaat-ud- Dawa group which is called a terrorists group by United States and United Nations. The banner is stick to collect donation for the Muslims living in Myanmar and Syria.

Pakistan Funds Raised for Terror Activities despite Warning

The poster was stuck near a mosque in Islamabad previous week when Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) published a list of banned groups. These groups are on the United Nation Security Council and Pakistan terror watch list. The members of such extremists groups are not allowed to collect any charity or organize social, political, welfare or religious processions in the region.

The SECP forbids every organization from giving money as charity to the people included in the United Nations Security Council’s list. It is mentioned in the SECP’s guiding instructions that the individual or company which will disobey these orders will face legal punishment sanctioned by the law and pay fine which can be $90,000 as penalty.

There are some fears that the terrorist groups raise funds from Pakistan, India and Afghanistan to create terrorists activities.

Despite SECP’s warning a militant group known as Jamaat-ud- Dawa raises funds hence stuck posters for charity in Pakistan. A security analyst Hasan Askari Rizvi says that such banners are adhered overnight secretly. The unknown individuals who commit such activity must be penalized.

Rizvi informed that a team of Security Council will visit Pakistan within this month therefore government needs to take critical notice of such violations.

A United States based South Asian analyst Muhammad Taaqi says that Pakistan government failure in this regard will leave negative impact on United Nations and create complexities on Pakistan America relationship. Earlier this week president Trumps’ admin declared that it will stop military aid of Pakistan till Pakistan government does not take critical action against the terrorists groups known as Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network.

“Pakistan will have to take concrete steps to seize JuD’s charities and financial assets to assure the U.N. and the U.S. that it is crushing the militants and choking their money supply,” Taqi said.

Abdul Qayyum, a senator of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz told that the Pakistan government is trying to seize the source of money of such militant groups who collect money in the name of religion and then use it for terrorism.
On the other hand Jamaat ud Dawa leader Hafiz Saeed who was the master mind of Mumbai terror attack in 2008 said that he would fight this case in court because he is not contented about the government objection of using charity money for terrorism.

Muhammad Taqi said that Pakistan’s government did not take strict action in the past years against raising funds therefore its implementation was not as strong as it should be. He is surprised that whether the government will take any action against charity network of Hafiz Saeed who is leading a political party in the background which is Milli Muslim League established in August 2017.

This party failed in getting its registration since it was disapproved previous year by Pakistan’s Election Commission. Still it is trying to make its way in the politics.