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Pakistan International Airline Christmas Celebrations on Board


Pakistan International Airline (PIA) took great initiative of celebrating the spirit of sharing cheers and colours of Christmas on board. The senior Flight Purser, Peter Inayat disguised himself as Santa clause and rest of the cabin crew helped to give away gifts and goodies to the passengers on board.

Pakistan International Airline Christmas Celebrations on Board

The passengers enjoyed a lot during the flight regardless of any religion. They took selfies on their cell phones with the crew members especially the Santa clause and cabin crew who was wearing Santa caps.

According to social media many people commented on the updated report of PIA ‘s initiative of presenting gifts to the passengers. Many people gave positive response on Pakistan’s airline this activity of sharing happiness of Christmas with others while being a Muslim majority country some conservative people expressed their disliking towards the airline this initiative.

In the history of Pakistan this enterprise of PIA is highly appreciated around the country, especially the passengers who were on board enjoyed the flight and appreciated the Pakistan’s airline. To boost up the effort of the private airline, the Christian minority in Pakistan is very grateful for the airline.