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“Pakistan is a Living Hell for Hindus, Sikhs And Christians” Protestors Chant Near Pakistan Consulate In New York


NEW YORK: Protestors chanting slogans against religious hostility towards minorities in Pakistan near Pakistan Consulate in New York City.

Pakistan Consulate in NY
Pakistan Consulate in NY

According to details, a protest was held near Pakistan Consulate in New York City on Wednesday 21st August, 2013. The protesters were carrying banners stating: “Pakistan is a Living Hell for Hindus, Sikhs and Christians,” on humanitarian basis having deep compassion and showing unity with of all the victims of religious bigotry, hate and intolerance in Pakistan.


This demonstration was organized by Indian American Intellectuals Forum in collaboration with Hindu Human Rights Watch, Justice for Hindus, the Human Rights Coalition against Radical Islam and various other humanitarian groups.


Besides the protestors drafted a memorandum in keen expression of their annoyance and concerns at the awful treatment with religious minorities in Pakistan and submitted it to the Consul General of Pakistan. Their memorandum claimed that, “Pakistan’s blasphemy laws were used to intimidate and harass religious minorities through false accusations.”


The protestors furthermore were reminiscent that predominant population in that part of the world was Hindu before being forced to convert to Islam by Arabs, the memo stated that, “violence and terror are the hallmarks of uncivilized brutes.”


While Narain Kataria, the organizer of this protest said that,” minorities have been terrorized in Pakistan such that hundreds of Hindus who crossed into India earlier this year — under the pretence of visiting a religious festival — refused to return and instead petitioned the Indian government for political asylum.”


Whereas Mr. Narain Kataria quoted from the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom USCIRF latest report on religious freedom environment in Pakistan he said,” there were more than 200 reported incidents of sectarian violence in Pakistan, resulting in 1,800 injuries, including 700 deaths.”