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Pakistan police doing little to protect country’ enervated Christians: Asian Human Rights Commission


According to a recent report by the Asian Human Rights Commission, Pakistani Police has done little to protect Christians from terrorism. The report which was based on updated statistics stated that the Christians being forced to convert to Islam, has become a daily matter.

AHRC report on Pakistani Christians

In its report, the Commission mentioned the Chak 44, Mandi Bahauddin incident, when Christian villagers were imperiled by the extremists. The report stated that the police turned aggressive against Christian villagers of the area, which caused perplexity among the Christian community. AHRC referred to the fact that the Muslim villagers had presented the Christian with two conditions either to convert to Islam if they want to continue living in the village or, leave the village forever.

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The situation further deteriorated for the Christians when the local Muslim villagers announced a socio-economic boycott of Christians, which meant they were dismissed from jobs, not allowed to buy any kind of goods from shops not even edibles and so on. Seeing the gravity of the matter, about 75 percent of the villagers fled, whom the AHRC notes have not returned to date.

According to the AHRC, the situation is deteriorating with every passing day. In such cases, police fails to protect the Christians, which result in security lag while the goons get a free hand to persecuted Christians. The AHRC has urged the Pakistani government to guarantee adequate security of Christian citizens mainly those who have been accused of blasphemy such as Imran Masih in the Mandi Bahauddin case.

The Commission further demanded that the government need to provide alternative safe houses to such Christians who are on the urn or have fled from their homes. Furthermore, AHRC further called upon the government of Pakistan to promulgate inter-faith harmony while at the same time, persecutors and inciters of violence in the name of religion be impeached.