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Pakistan soon to be recognized as minority-friendly country: PM Nawaz Sharif


Prime Minister of Pakistan vows to make Pakistan a minority-friendly country. The Premier said this while visiting the Katas Raj Temples Complex in Chakwal today, Wednesday, January 11. At this occasion, he ordered renovation of the temple which is one of the most sacred places of Hindus in Pakistan. “The day is not far when Pakistan will be recognized as a minorities-friendly country due to steps being undertaken to better the lives of minority groups,” he was quoted as saying.

Religious minorities in Pakistan

PM Nawaz said that his government is pursuing policies that will set the country on its way to be known as a country friendly towards its minorities, where they enjoy equal rights. He said that he has issued directives that his officials must spare no efforts in hosting pilgrims and the protection and expansion of minorities’ places of worship. The event was attended by representatives of Muslims, Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Parsi religions.

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“I am the prime minister of all Pakistanis, be it a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian or any other, you all are equal,” he said. He said that he has instructed Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Chairman Siddiqul Farooq to renovate the holy sites in the area to their original state. He assured his full support for the construction of Baba Guru Nanak and Gandhara universities.

At this occasion, he referred to historic instances when Muslim rulers had went all out to safe guard the minorities in their land and protected their places of worship. He said that they treated the majority and minorities equally. He asserted that Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Baha’is are working hand-in-hand to defend the country at the same time they are putting in their contributions for prosperity of the country. We have to work together in unity to build Pakistan and strive for humanitarian causes,” he added.

The Premier said that the history of Katas Raj Temple was over 5,000 years old. He said that this temple was a focal point of four civilizations, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Budhism and Christianity. He said that it was here that the Persian scholar and polymath Al-Beruni had computed earth’s circumference.

At this occasion, Bishop Pakistan Alexander John Malik said the Premier’s vision for the country was laudable and the minorities were happy that he had taken along all the minorities in the development and progress of the country. Bishop Malik highlighted that PM Nawaz had never imposed his will on anyone and believed in consensus.