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Pakistani charity group doles out scholarships to destitute Christian students


Pakistani Christian charity group Jaag Masihi Nojwan has initiated a scholarship programme in order to succor the destitute Christian children in District Khanewal. Members of the Jaag Masihi Nojwan group decided to encourage Christians to educate their children, and came up with an idea to initiate a scholarship programme.

Christians in Khanewal

One of the member of the Jaag Masihi Nojwan, on condition of anonymity revealed that the JMN team decided to take practical and efficacious steps to encourage destitute Christians to send their children to schools. The team member told Christians in Pakistan that he along with few other friends decided to contribute to the fund for these children.

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Further detailing the endeavor, he said that he and his friends managed to gather 100,000 Pakistani Rupees. This fund was intended to be used for the fee for schooling of the underprivileged Christian children in Khanewal and surrounding villages. Subsequently, the funds were distributed as scholarships among Christian children in Shanti Nagar, Khuram Pura, Stunzabad and village 31/1OR, he explained. “This was a merit based scholarship”, he told Christians in Pakistan.

Under this scholarship project, Jaag Masihi Nojwan distributed scholarships among 30 destitute Christian children in Khanewal district. Jaag Masihi Nojwan said that the charity initially intended to help 6 students but the plans were altered. “A group of students from village 31/1OR were in need of school fee and transportation expenses…… they were given 40,000 Rupees”, he said.

Christian students in Shanti Nagar received fee to bear expenses for their collage studies. Some of these students were granted the admission fee, so that they can get enrolled in college. The fund is still not consumed, he said.