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Pakistani Christian Accused of Blasphemy Dies in Jail


On September 9 a Pakistani Christian man Aslam Masih was died in the jail because of dengue virus. He didn’t have the proper medical treatment even on a request. A local Christian human right organization asked the prison officials for the proper medical treatment but the officials denied and due to this lack of medical facility Aslam Masih died of a curable disease.

Aslam Masih was arrested in start of 2010.he was blamed of blasphemy by the two members of an Islamic missionary group. He was arrested but then initially released as police found no evidence. But the Muslim missionary group and radical Muslims put so much pressure on police that they arrested Aslam Maish and put him in prison.

Dr Nazir Bhatti is the president of the Pakistan Christian Congress. He said that “I condemn the prison authority for not providing medical treatment to Aslam Masih and urge Punjab Government to constitute an inquiry committee to investigate the death of Aslam Masih. The death of Aslam Masih in jail has raised question of safety and security for the life of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother sentenced to death and in jail waiting for her appeal to be heard in Lahore High Court.”

ICC (International Christian Concern)’s Regional Manager for South Asia, Jonathan Racho, said,”Aslam Masih is the latest victim of the brutal blasphemy law in Pakistan. Once again, Pakistan has shown its complete contempt for the lives of its religious minorities. We urge the international community to pressure Pakistan to protect the rights of Christians and other vulnerable groups in Pakistan.”