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Pakistani Christian asylum seeker perishes in Thai Detention Center


Another Pakistani Christian dies in Tia detention center. In keeping with details, 34 year old Ijaz Tariq died in Thailand’s Immigration Detention Center (IDC). Sources claim that the asylum seeker perished due to negligence of the staff at the Immigration Detention Center (IDC) in Bangkok.

Christian persecution in Pakistan

The Pakistani Christian seeking asylum in Thailand was complaining of chest pains and was not provided with proper medical treatment. As a result of lack of treatment, Ijaz succumbed to heart attack in the detention cell.

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Followed by the incident, Pakistani Christian community has raised serious concerns about the inhumane treatment with the Pakistani Christians in the Thai Immigration Detention Centers. In this regard, Pakistani Christian leader Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) heaped condemnation upon IDC staff saying that death of Ijaz Tariq is condemnable.

He said that the refusal of IDC staff the asylum seeker with medical treatment was a “violation of human rights for which UNHRC Bangkok office and Thailand government are equally responsible.” In a statement, the Christian leader said: “I am sending memorandum to Human Right Commission of UN in Geneva about violation of human rights by Thailand government on arrest of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers and not providing medical assistance to detainees in IDC Bangkok.”

British Pakistani Christians Association details that on May 27, Ijaz Tariq complained about a pain in his chest when the IDC staff was putting detainees through physical exercise as per routine. The guards ignored him deciding that he was pretending to be in pain only to escape the exercise. He was later put in solitary confinement as a punishment for pretending to be in pain.

Inmates witnessed Ijaz Tariq’s trauma as they revealed that he was in pain as could be seen by his condition. They also told BPCA that Ijaz Tariq was begging the IDC staff to save his life, but his plea was completely ignored by the IDC staff.

What is more, even after his death the IDC staff did not take Tariq’s dead body to the hospital to the hospital for almost two hours. The autopsy report confirmed that the detainee had died of a heart attack.