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Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in distress: UNHCR in Thailand urged to assist these troubled Christians


Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Bangkok: UNHCR in Thailand urged to be down to business while coping with the crisis of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand.

According to Pakistan Christian Post, Desmond Fernandes and Rainer Rothfuss have earnestly urged the UNHCR in Thailand to be upbeat in guaranteeing the safety of tens and thousands of Pakistiani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand. Desmond Fernandes is Pakistiani Christians genocide scholar, who authored this book.

This book, which was penned by Desmond Fernandes also contains a prologue by Rainer Rothfuss. Chairman of British Pakistani Christian Association, Wilson Chowdhry, on September 8, handed this book to Peter Trotter who is a Senior Protection Officer at the Bangkok UNHCR offices

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This 364 page book pleased Peter Trotter to such an extent that he asked for an electronic version so that it could be made available for several other senior UNHCR staff. The book presents an insight into the wide-ranging human rights violations taking place in Pakistan, together with genocide being wreaked against various religious groups.

On the other hand, BPCA operative Christian Malik when asked about the exact response the Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand are getting from the Pakistani High Commission, he said, “We are given no assistance from the Pakistan Embassy, we are viewed as traitors.”

“The treatment of Pakistani Christians fleeing persecution is an international scandal. This report highlights the vicissitudes and egregious violations of human rights which they face in their homeland. This is a timely, scholarly and hugely important wake-up call challenging our indifference to their suffering,” Lord David Alton commented while talking about the book.