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Pakistani Christian asylum seekers suffering from the policy


One of the Pakistani Christian refuge searchers experiencing the arrangement is Haroon Maqbool, who is father of two from Rawal Pindi, Pakistan. Mr Maqbool fled Pakistan, which positions as the fourth-most exceedingly terrible country on the planet with regards to Christian oppression as per Open Doors USA, in 2016 subsequent to being detained and tormented. In August 2016, Mr Maqbool touched base in Lesbos on a watercraft with other shelter searchers and the gathering was taken to Moria camp to enlist for refuge.

Pakistani Christian asylum seekers suffering from the policy

Mr Maqbool Tells BPCA that “Muslim’s drive Christians to the back of the line and let us know not to enter the camp or we will d be murdered.” Maqbool and the other Christian men in the gathering “acknowledged they would not survive long in the camp.” Even however they presented their fingerprints at the camp, the gathering did not finish their refuge applications before they got away from the camp and the island. “Haroon was harassed promptly and different Christians lived on the edges of the camp for security and one day when an open door came their direction they got away from the camp by taking an unsafe excursion under the covering of a payload delivers. Their lone longing was to get away from the crippling every day oppression Christians confront at the camp.

Despite the fact that it’s been nine months since Maqbool fled the camp, Greek approach has kept him from finishing a shelter application on the territory, where he now lives as an unlawful worker at danger of being captured for exceeding his visa. “For Haroon’s situation, you have an unmistakable instance of how the framework is not functioning.
BPCA is helping help upwards of seven Pakistani Christian shelter searchers who were discovered destitute on the Greek territory by another philanthropy and are tolerating gifts that will give truly necessary guide to destitute Christian outcasts in Greece like Maqbool.