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Pakistani Christian asylum seekers treated barbarically in Thailand; Christians protest in Holland and Belgium



According to sources, Pakistani Christians of Holland and Belgium protested against the barbaric treatment of Pakistani Christians in Thailand Detention cells.

Many Christians, who fled from Pakistan because of rising persecution and poverty, have been detained in Thailand. The Christians, seeking refuge in Thailand are now subjected to extreme conditions in the foreign land. Many are detained and living in miserable conditions in detention cells. As many as fifty people are forced to sleep in rooms enough for fifteen people. Sanitary and hygienic conditions are largely overlooked which has led to the diseased conditions of many and death of two in the past one month.

Pakistani Christians residing in Holland and Belgium, led by Watson Salim Gill and others staged a protest against this barbaric treatment. The community has pledged to do all in their power to relieve their brothers and sisters suffering in Thailand.

In this regard, Kaleem Saleem and Ejaz Matthew from Holland and Latif Bhatti from Belgium have filed a petition to the Thailand embassy and requested the Thailand government to stop the cruel treatment of Pakistani Christians seeking refuge in Thailand.

Without much help from UNHCR and UN, Christians stuck in Thailand need as much help and prayers as they can get. Though a small step, the protest is highly welcomed and proves to be beacon of hope for the suffering.