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Rape Victim Daim Masih Discharged from Hospital after 5 days


Today, after treatment in hospital the little Daim is back to recovery by the Grace of God. Earlier this week when the son of a poor Christian laborer was coming back home from school at 11 a.m, was enticed by a Muslim adult. That cruel beast took the little boy to his cattle farm and sexually abused the boy. The 6 year minor could not defend him but his shrieks made the other villagers to reach to him to save his life.
A Pakistani Christian Minor Boy Raped by a Muslim Adult

Daim’s father reported an FIR in the Police station Ghala Mundi Sahiwal, against the culprit.

According to a social media report, advocate Javed Chaudhary is monitring this case.The District Police Officer (DPO) and Station House Officer (SHO) of Ghala Mandi are determined for providing justice to Daim and give strict punishment to the arrested criminal for his ill treatment with the little boy. Moreover, the Public prosecutor Mr. Aasif Anwaar Kuria has ensured to gain justice for the rape victim boy.

The Daim’s family is safe now but still needs the prayer and encouragement of the Christian community of Pakistan. Only prayers of all community can heal Daim’s wounds of body and soul.

Though Daim is physically healing but he needs psychological treatment or counseling too. Otherwise throughout his life he will not be able to trust anyone and neither will lead a normal life.

In Pakistan, the rape victims get only physical treatment without any counseling. Moreover, the society always treat them as untouchable or show extra sympathy towards them. On the other hand a rape alleged criminal when got release from jail live a normal life as if he did not commit any crime. Rather feeling ashamed he feels proud of his illegal act.