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Pakistani Christian Disable Girl became Victim of Gang Rape


A widow Rukhsana Kausar who was previously living in Sargodha moved to Gujrat with her family 10 years ago. Her husband died 4 years ago leaving 4 daughters and 3 sons behind him. Rukhsana is a sanitary worker in a hospital. Her three daughters are married while one daughter identified as Saba is deaf and dumb.

Saba Masih

When Rukhsana went to the market her daughter Saba was alone at home. Then four Muslim men took advantage of Saba’s disability and targeted her of their sexual abuse at her home. Later on Saba’s identification the police arrested four men known as Arsalan son of Muhammad Bota, Shehbaz son of Muhammad Inayat, Shoiab and Abdul Aziz with the case reference number 17/1101 in Civil Line Gujrat.

According to the victim’s mother her disable daughter was severely tortured and raped by four men in her absence. The investigation officer arrested the four culprits but later released the two of them who bribed him. According to the girl’s mother the third rapist is released on bail too while the forth criminal is still in jail.

The released culprits went to victim’s mother work place and threatened her to sign apology form or they will harm her family and the eye witness of this case whose name is Awais .

The poor widow appeals to the DPO (District Police Officer) of Gujrat and Chief Justice of Pakistan to help her to get justice for her disable daughter.

All daughters either Christian or Muslim are honor of the country. Like Zainab of Kasur who was raped and murdered last month, Saba is also the daughter of Pakistan. Saba’s family appeals to the DPO Gujrat to take immediate notice of the Saba case and arrest the rest of the rapists who got released. They want that all the culprits must be penalized according to the law who raped the poor widow’s disable daughter.