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Pakistani Christian Educational institute: Kinnarid College for women


Pakistani Christian Educational institute: Kinnarid College for women

Kinnaird College for Women University was founded in 1913 in Lahore by American Missionaries under the British Raj. It now operates as a semi government institute. Kinnarid initially started off as a high school focusing on intermediate classes with a Bachelors course introduced 4 years later.

The Jail road campus was constructed in 1926 after enrollment increased and there was not enough space to accommodate the students. Finally Kinnaird acquired more land in 1939 for campus expansions. By 1939 the twenty acre campus was humming with activity. Today Kinnaird ranks as the country’s premier institution for education where over 3300 students are enrolled at present.

Kinnaird has achieved its independent status after years of struggle. It is already conducting classes leading to a Masters Degree in English Literature, Applied Linguistics, M.S in Accounting and Finance.

It is more than a college; a community enriched by the spirit of inquiry that kindles in the students. The teachers encourage a spirit of inquiry, research and participation in their students.

Along the road Kinnaird has seen two world wars, partition of the subcontinent and lack of funding. The early students were mainly Christians and were in need of financial aid which was provided by the college.

Notable people like Bishop Alexander Malik are part of the board of governors of the university. The campus has its own radio transmission called Radio FM 97.6 which was inaugurated by Ms. Fauzia Wahab. The radio station currently broadcasts a 3 hour transmission daily.

Prominent alumni of Kinnaird College include Bano Qudsia, Bapsi Sidhwa, Hina Rabbani Khar, Sara Sulehri and many more. They are now working in every field ranging from fashion to politics to education and writing.