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Pakistani Christian girl suffers fatal acid attack for refusing to marry a Muslim


25-year-old, Pakistani Christian girl succumbs to burn injuries on April 22, Sunday. Acid attack victim Asma Yaqoob was receiving treatment in Lahore’s Mayo Hospital since few days. She was attacked by a spurned Muslim man who allegedly forced her to convert Islam.

Asma Yaqoob case

Asma nicknamed Maria was proposed by a Muslim man Rizwan Gujjar. For this reason, 30-year-old, Rizwan was pressurizing Asma to convert to Islam. Asma turned down his proposal, refusing to renounce Christianity. Furious by Asma’s refusal, Rizwan Gujjar bathed Asma in petrol and set her on fire.

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Asma was Sialkot-based, and was working as a beautician for last two years. She will be laid to rest in Sialkot. The heinous incident unfolded on April 10, Tuesday when Asma went to Pak Pura Town area in order to prepare a bride for her wedding. Around 11 pm she was informed that her brother was looking for her.

It turned out Rizwan, had deceived her by using her brother’s name. As soon as she arrived, Rizwan threw petrol on her in large amount bathing her completely and immediately set her on fire. As Asma screamed, bride’s family put the flames out and rushed her to Civil Hospital, Sialkot.

90% of Asma’s body suffered burn injuries, leaving little chance of her survival. Asma’s family was later informed about the incident; she was transported to Mayo Hospital in Lahore as Civil Hospital lacks a specialized burn unit. After struggling for survival for 12 days, Asma succumbed to her burn injuries. Doctors feared that even slightest of injection in her wounds could be fatal, as was showing little signs of recovery. Asma’s family lodged an FIR (First Information Report) at the Haji Pura Police Station on April 10.

Attacker Rizwan Gujjar was friend of Asm’a younger brother Nabeel Yaqoob. For this reason, Rizwan visited Asma’s home. During on such visit, Rizwan saw Asma and was attracted towards her and wanted to marry her. For this reason he proposed Asma, about three months ago. She refused him and informed her family about Rizwan’s proposal. The refusal incited Rizwan who carried out the atrocious attack.