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Pakistani Christian girls abducted and abused now and again human rights activists whine


Human Rights activists complain about systematic abductions and sexual assaults on Pakistani Christian girls. Amidst heightened concerns, rights activists are calling for prompt action from the Supreme Court of Pakistan in order to thwart the phenomenon. Moreover, the activists are allege that the police try to cover the cases in majority of the cases, and provide cushion to the abductors.

Christian girls forced to convert in Pakistan

In line with a Pakistani Christian human rights activist Mehwish Bhatti, police are not providing assistance to Christian families who lose their children. She said that in order to procure their children’s return these families had to pay heavy price.

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She further continued, when Christian girls are abducted and forced to convert by given in marriage to their abductors, police harasses the victims’ families from pursuing legal course. There are reported incidents when the police have prevented the victims from filing FIRs of the abductions.

Seeing the scourge overpoweringly spreading Christian charity and advocacy group British Pakistani Christian Association has launched an online petition urging the Pakistani government to take efficacious actions to curb the heinous practice in the country.

According to an NGO, about 1000 minorities’ girls are abducted and forced to convert every year, out of these 1000, about 700 victims hail from the Christian community while the remaining 300 are from the Hindu community.