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Pakistani Christian Hero: Air Commodore Władysław Józef Marian Turowicz


Pakistani Christian Hero: Air Commodore Władysław Józef Marian Turowicz

Air Commodore, Władysław Józef Marian Turowicz was an outstanding and notable Pakistani Christian military scientist and aeronautical engineer. Basically, he belonged to Poland but settled in Pakistan. He is considered as one of the chief instigators of Pakistan’s Space Program.

Born in 1908 in Serbia, Władysław Józef Marian Turowicz went on to study at Warsaw University of Technology and in 1920 acquired a Master’s Degree in aeronautical engineering and later on a PhD degree from the same institute.

Afterwards, he served in the Polish Air Force as an aeronautical engineer and fighter pilot however, later moved to Great Britain and served in the Royal Air Force. Due to critical times of World War II, Władysław Józef Marian Turowicz migrated to Pakistan.

In Pakistan, he was initially deployed at Karachi airbase where he trained Pakistani fighter pilots. In years to follow, he defended Lahore during Indo-Pak war of 1965 and also held the position of PAF’s Air Marshal.

He worked in collaboration with Dr. Abdus Salam, to convince the President of that time, Ayub Khan that Pakistan should initiate a space and nuclear program. He is considered to be the chief designer and developer of Rehbar-1, Pakistan’s first rocket. Later, at the end of his career he served as an administrator in Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) of Pakistan.