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Pakistani Christian Hero Commander Mervyn Middlecoat


Pakistani Christian Hero Commander Mervyn Middlecoat


Wing Commander Mervyn Middlecoat Shaheed: Born aboard a train near the city of Ludhiana travelling from Delhi to Lahore, Mervyn was a man who made valour and bravery his destiny. Mervyn took part in the war of 1965 as a Flight Commander and was deployed in the Masroor Base, in Karachi. Mervyn shot down two aircrafts of the Indian Airforce Force when the Indian army attacked Karachi and this earned him the title of “Defender of Karachi”. Mervyn Middlecoat also fought against the Israeli Airforce flying Jordanian aircrafts during the Six Day War with Israel.

When the war of 1971 broke out, he was part of a daring mission to destroy a well fortified Indian Airbase, However his aircraft was struck by a missile during the attempt, and Middlecoat ejected into the Shark infested waters of the Arabian Sea just moments before his plane was struck. His remains were not found and he was declared “missing in action”.

King of Jordan in his letter to the wife of Mervyn Middlecoat on the news of his martyrdom wrote: “Sister, the passing away of the Shaheed is not only the loss of you and Pakistan, but also mine. It is my wish that when he is buried, his body will be wrapped up in Pakistan’s flag, but the flag of my country Jordan must be placed below his head.”

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