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Pakistani Christian Mistakenly Declared Jew Seeks Protection


LAHORE: A Pakistani Christian mistakenly declared Jew by NADRA records faced death threats and blasphemy charges.



Pakistani Christian mistakenly declared Jew
Pakistani Christian mistakenly declared Jew

  According to the details, Jew Jurian is a Pakistani Christian resident of Lahore, was accused of blasphemy when he wrote his name on a national identity card form. The Computerized National Identity Cards mistakenly declared Jurian as a Jewish man because of his first name, subjecting him to arrest and death threats.



Jurian was later released by the police, nevertheless he and his family still face death threats. He was released with two other men who were later killed by religious extremists. These attacks forced Jurian and his family to escape from the area as death threats continued. Subsequently, Jurian filed a First Information Report- in which he complained that he was still being harassed by unidentified extremists even after he was acquitted of the blasphemy charges.





The contents of the FIR further stated that the victim received threatening calls continuously. Late at night on October 25, 2011, he received a call from a stranger calling him an infidel. This being a regular occurrence, Jurian and his family have now left the area. Only one Christian family lives in the area, Mohallah Green Park, situated in Shalimar Town, Lahore – and Jurian claimed that some local residents are in contact with religious extremists. He also alleged that a police official at a local station sympathises with extremists, and they have worked together to create trouble for Jurian and his family, eventually forcing them to leave. He alleged that the Baghbanpura police have continuously harassed his family and conducted various raids at his home.




Jurian eventually contacted Kamran Michael and submitted an application; seeking security from the extremists, also condemning the assistant sub-inspector of the Baghbanpura police station of providing protection to the suspected extremists.



Even after a year, Jurian and his family are still in hide out owing to fear of extremists, despite the fact that he was acquitted of blasphemy charges.