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Pakistani Christian murdered during pilgrimage to the town of Mary


A 25 years old Christian, Sunil Masih was kidnapped and killed in Mariamabad. The incident took place when Sunil was performing a pilgrimage to the shrine of the Virgin Mary. He was traveling with a group of people. For a while he left the group and move towards the fields for physiological needs.

But when he didn’t came after a long time his friends searched him and the found his dead body in the field with visible signs of injuries. It seems that he was run over by a truck to make this incident an accident, but the police and authorities deny this and said that it is not just an accident.

After hearing the death news of Sunil, his mother fainted as Sunil was only the child and sole bread earner of the family. His father is ill and is suffering from the serious kidney problems. This is very sad and breathtaking news for all the family.

Pakistani Christians demands grater protections from authorities, of their life and property as they are facing many incidents everyday.

8th September is the feast of birth of Mary. Christians from all over the Pakistan came to this place for showing their inner love and respect for Mother Mary. Mariamabad is located about 80 km from Lahore.

Every year over one million pilgrims came here to celebrate the Nativity of Mary, Mother of Jesus. They adopt every mean of transportation, form groups and gather from all over the Pakistan at Mariamabad to pay homage to mother Mary.

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